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Price Listings

Price Listings

Frames smaller than 5x7:  $5.00-$15.00

5x7 with frame:  $15.00-$25.00 each 
5x7 prints, no frame: $10.00

8x10 with frame: $20.00-$35.00 each (Personalized orders not included)
8X10 prints, no frame:  $12.00

Custom Names...

8x10 First Name                                                        11x14 Last Name
    Framed:     $50.00                                                      Framed:    $60.00
    No Frame:  $30.00-$40.00                                                      No Frame: $40.00-$50.00
                                                                 (Last Name only available in 11x14)

11x14 First Name
    Framed:    $50.00-$60.00
    No Frame: $35.00-$45.00

Custom Order Pictures:  Prices may vary, call for details.

**Sales tax will be added for Florida residents.**